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Who We Are

We are a local family owned business of highly skilled professionals. 

Our community and our customers are at the most important thing here at LA Strong Construction. We know that relationships are built on trust and credibility. Thus, we have developed, strong relationships with repeat customers and with the department of building and safety over the years. We offer professional and affordable services for home inspection and earthquake safety. 


What We Do

Our experience with earthquake safety goes back over twenty five years. 

Several years before the 1994, Northridge earthquake we renovated our family house. It was a bungalow house in Los Angeles that was built in the 1920s. 

The plots of land were small, so the idea was to build a second story.  The bungalows were built on weak foundations. We decided to earthquake retrofit our home by reinforcing the building with steel beams to make the house strong enough to last for generations.

 A couple of years later, the Northridge earthquake caused billions of dollars of damage and killed dozens of people. In our neighborhood, there was extensive damage from the 6.8 magnitude earthquake. Many of the bungalows around us had damage to their roofs, chimneys, and the structures  themselves. Our house had minimal damage. The steel frames we had  designed kept the house from swaying. We had a lot of broken items in the house, but only a few cracks on the walls. To this day, I am thankful that my family put those steel beams to us safe.

The Northridge earthquake caused severe damage to Los Angeles and especially to the valley. It took many years to fix all the damage done. We would go on estimates and see the despair of families that were so deeply affected by the horrible quake. Our family business shifted gears to become one of the leading companies in Los Angeles for earthquake safety. 


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